What are people saying about the Struturo framework?

"I have used the images and abstracts option and it looks really great. I am loving Struturo more every day...."

Vassilis Papaeconomou - advartia.eu

"I poked around on Friday and found out where I can change the menu's. It was super easy. If I had known how easy I wouldn't have bothered with all the screen shots that needed changing. I would have done so myself...it was so easy."

Senior Systems Analyst

"We really like the way Struturo works!!"
"I keep being impressed how much thought you have put into the Struturo platform."

Per Wahr�n - Starbyhotell.se

"When I first talked to my client about this, they almost talked to me as an afterthought because they figured (and I almost agreed) that this site couldn't be done in Domino. I have to say that it worked out better than I could have imagined. When we started I warned them that there were things that were not part of the Web framework and that we may not be able to modify it to handle some things. I was wrong!! Without exception, Jim was able to update the system so that it handled all of their requests, including some less than trivial ones."

Neil Agate - 4 Gates LLC

"I am really thrilled with how it all came together, and the feedback so far from staff has been very positive as well. The framework you proposed and implemented was well-suited to handle this kind of dynamic site where so many pieces of information are being cross referenced--I would definitely recommend it and your services to anyone looking to do something similar in a Notes environment."

Customer - ACDI Voca

"We needed a dynamic web-based solution that when once completed, could be handed off to our customer in order for them to maintain the content. The problem was that it needed to be an easy-to-use application for the 'non-techie' who had little-to-no knowledge of basic HTML. We looked at several off-the-shelf applications and none could provide the right mix of features, customization and flexibility, nor could they meet our budgetary constraints. Struturo was the perfect solution for us! Most importantly, it has allowed us to leverage our existing Domino infrastructure to its fullest capacity."

Holly Mann - Robert H. Smith School of Business

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