ROI: You will be able to add content on your own

The value in the Struturo framework is that it is intended to empower your staff to manage the content without having to involve the web development team. Our typical customer asks us to help set up the branding and interface but after that, they manage the content themselves without the additional overhead cost of web development.

Basic Version: Ready to install with 2 themes

This is the plug/play version of Struturo with 2 themes. You can still customize the theme/CSS but this is the baseline version with already installed themes. It has sample website pages that you can then customize and add to. We will support you via email for 1 year included in the price.

The basic version cost is $1,995.00 (buy now).

White ThemeGray Theme
White ThemeGray Theme

Custom Version: We build to your specs and style accordingly

This is the most common purchase. After a conversation with you (perhaps a demo), we give you some themes and you pick the one you like. We build it to your spec and give you a fixed cost price for doing so.

All Packages Include

  • Baseline website populated with sample content
  • 3 hours online training

Add-ons Include

  • Your company branding
  • Your chosen design template
  • Custom features
  • Ongoing support
  • Hosting
  • Etc.

Contact Us

For more information, tell us about your specific needs and let us create a quote specifically for your needs.

*We use to enable us to do live online meetings & support with customers.
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Live Online Demo Free

We are happy to give you and your team a live demo. Submit a request and we will coordinate a time that works best for you.