If you have these issues, Struturo will save you

  • Your website looks like it came out of the 90's
  • Your content is still from the 90's because it's so darn tough to update
  • Your website requires you to find the "dreamweaver expert" to update

Do you need a robust (yet easy) Domino website?

... not just a blog template?

Struturo is built for customers who have a Domino server, want a new website or to upgrade an existing website, want it to be easy to add new content, want the site to be dynamic, want to hook into existing Domino applications, and want it to look great.

simple page creation

Simple page creation

Your marketing team can create new content without having to ask the web development team to do it for them.

dynamic pages

Dynamic pages

Adding a new page categorized as news automatically and immediately updates the pages showing latest news.

web editor

Web Editor

Create pages from just about any browser. TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor. Fully configurable.

google analytics

Google analytics

Easily track your page hits by simply telling Struturo your Google Analytic account information.



You can change the look of Struturo dramatically without changing any of the underlying HTML.

struturo box

Live Online Demo Free

We are happy to give you and your team a live demo. Submit a request and we will coordinate a time that works best for you.

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