Main Features of Struturo

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Web Editor

Create new pages using web browser

Most pages only take a few minutes to create.

  1. Add a title
  2. Add a subtitle (optional)
  3. Add your content
  4. Choose which section it belongs to
  5. Give it an id
Create a Page

Adding a new page is a snap!

Most pages only take a few minutes to create.

  1. Click 'New page' button
  2. Type in a title
  3. Choose which section it belongs to
  4. Give it an id
  5. Choose 'Text', 'HTML', or 'Rich Text'
  6. Add your content
  7. Preview in browser
Create a CSS Theme


Theme documents define the look of the site. The theme document is all CSS.

You can create another Struturo site and simply change the theme to re-brand the new site - without changing any code.

Create a Section Definition


Each page belongs in a section. The section defines the following for each page in the section:

  • Header
  • Tabs (and which one is highlighted)
  • Navigators on left or right or both or neither
  • Assign a body class to pages in that section (for theme / CSS customizations)
Create a Block


Easily add a new block to a navigator in a section. Every page in that section will now show this new block.

Blocks can be:

  • A list of links
  • HTML
  • A list by category (e.g. latest 'news' pages)
  • @Formula
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Live Online Demo Free

We are happy to give you and your team a live demo. Submit a request and we will coordinate a time that works best for you.