About Struturo

We built it because our customers asked for it

We have been doing Lotus Notes development since version 2. We have been doing Domino development since the very first "InterNotes" implementation in Domino.

One of our customers came to us with an existing Domino infrastructure but needed a portal solution that was simple to manage but robust enough to hook into their existing infrastructure. We built a modular, easy to use system using the latest web technology (CSS for layout, etc.) that put out very fast web pages and tiny amounts of HTML for them.

Soon, our other customers were asking for their own implementations of our Domino Web Portal framework. And from there StruturoTM was born.

Thus, although StruturoTM as a product is new, it is based on years of implementation expertise for our customers.

Unique in the Domino world

Our value exists in the fact that we as a company spend as much time on web development techniques (Web 2.0, XHTML, Unobtrusive JavaScript) as we do on Lotus Notes Domino techniques.

We also have a high degree of Adobe Photoshop expertise and place a high premium on user interfaces and beautiful web sites.

We believe Domino has been under-represented as a web development platform because of a lack of development expertise able to combine the best features of the web with the best features of Lotus Domino.

Our typical approach

Most of our customers either have their own design team who give us a template in Photoshop format or our customers find a nice looking web template online. We take that template and implement it in the Struturo framework. The deliverable to the customer is a baseline website with all the graphics and their branding and the initial content. The customer then starts adding content. If they create content that looks different from the branding of the rest of the site, we help them make it look like it fits because most of them are not web developers or CSS experts.

But other than user interface questions, most customers produce a lot of new content without any help from us. For example, one customer created custom RSS feed displays in the blocks using the HTML option. Another created an embedded view from an existing Domino database they had that integrated right into the Struturo framework using the 'Rich Text' option for content on a page.

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